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Приглашение на лекцию об особенностях избирательной кампании в США

Дорогие друзья! Уважаемые коллеги и студенты!

Второго октября, в пятницу в 17.30-19.00 по Московскому времени состоится открытая лекция на английском языке на тему: What’s Happening in the U.S. Presidential Election. Лектор: Билл Борум (Bill Boerum), Почетный председатель организации, представитель в России, Sister Cities International, уже выступавший с докладами в различных российских ВУЗах и на крупных мероприятиях и форумах.

Лекция состоится в ZOOM. Ждем всех желающих, о своем намерении участвовать, пожалуйста, сообщите организатору, Антону Валерьевичу Лебедеву. Часть лекции будет выделена под вопросы и ответы.

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До встречи!

Информация от лектора:

What’s Happening in the U.S. Presidential Election by Bill Boerum
Bill Boerum’s lecture will describe the beginnings of the presidential campaign back to last year; the current status of the race; the shifting issues; the dynamics shaping the race including the impact of universal mail-in ballots; and how a president actually is elected in the U.S. The lecture will run for 30 to 45 minutes with 15 to 30 minutes of Q&A. As follow-up to the event, he will provide a bibliography of books on U.S. presidential elections.

Bill Boerum is uniquely qualified to lecture on this topic, having followed presidential campaigns for a long time. As a young child he remembers the President Truman-Governor Dewey race of 1948. Then in 1952, the contest between General Dwight D. Eisenhower and Governor Adalai E. Stevenson made an impression with the “I Like Ike” campaign slogan. Starting in 1956 (another Eisenhower-Stevenson match-up), television in the U.S. began its coverage of the conventions and the highlights of the campaigns. That year Bill began watching television coverage of the nominating conventions of both parties, Republican and Democrat. For the next 16 presidential campaign cycles through 2016, he watched both conventions.

Here is his report on the results of the Electoral College presidential vote in California in 2016:

As a high school student, Bill closely followed the 1960 presidential contest between Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon (whom he later met twice). As a college student he attended the 1964 Republican convention in San Francisco which nominated Senator Barry M. Goldwater for President, and where he met future President Ronald Reagan at a political rally. As a paid staffer, he ran the “Youth for Goldwater” campaign in his home state of New York.
Bill has been involved in politics as a candidate himself, and admits to losing more elections than he has won. He has run for: city council member; trustee of a community college; U.S. House of Representatives; State Senator in California; and more recently (successfully) as member of the board of directors of a hospital. He just was elected to a fourth, four-year term for the hospital. He is Chairman Emeritus of Sister Cities International. Washington, D.C.

Bill is in the wine tourism business in California. He has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Cornell University, and an undergraduate degree in Economics. During his business career – banking & decision systems technology - he visited all 50 U.S. states.

Bill has been quoted as a commentator by Russian media including: TASS, RIA Novosti, Sputnik News, and RT.

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